10 XO-1 laptops application

I just made an application for 10 XO laptops as part of the OLPC program. The application titled “Game based applications to enhance literacy in Rural Kenya” aims to get some laptops to upperhill academy kisii.

If successful we will deploy games to enhance literacy, with specific focus on English and Swahili. We will start off with existing applications, which have been done by others. All we need to do is domesticate to our context and then gradually develop our own.

We hope to work with University students to develop localized applications for our rural kids.

Maybe you have ideas on how to develop or customize real applications that kids can use to enhance their learning. We will be more than happy learn from you as we share our experiences.

Thanks and hope for the best.

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3 Responses to 10 XO-1 laptops application

  1. Jambo Tom? I am looking at each of the Kenyan OLPC project sites on the olpcmap.net. Our organization is working with Hands of Charity and have a year old project in schools in the Bungoma district. We are starting a new project in the Taiti Hills near Voy, and are looking for resources for the teachers in this project. You are just starting, and your blog shows great spirit and courage. We hope that the OLPC projects in Kenya can share their expertise, successes and challenges. I don’t know when I will travel to Kenya.. this summer I hope, but you are welcome to contact Fred Juma Wakasiaka about the Bungoma project. He has done a lot with his XOs, still not enough for a classroom, but we are getting there. fredwakks@yahoo.com. Contact him. or me …

    • tomwansa says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for your email and details of your interest in Kenyan projects. I will definitely keep touch to learn more and share content and experiences. I will write to Fred and will want to keep touch with you as well. When you are in Nairobi/Kenya next, let me know and possibly slot a catch up.

      Have you developed any applications for the kids?


  2. tomwansa says:

    We are happy to announce that we got awarded the laptops.
    We have set up a plan to start off with solar solution and a training program. Starting off with a few teachers and kids using some of the computers.

    In parallel we are mounting a plan to develop our own applications, at University that we will use in the future. We are more than happy to share our experiences.

    If anyone out there has simple working applications or experiences, we are happy to keep touch and learn from each other.


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