10 XO-1 laptops application

I just made an application for 10 XO laptops as part of the OLPC program. The application titled “Game based applications to enhance literacy in Rural Kenya” aims to get some laptops to upperhill academy kisii.

If successful we will deploy games to enhance literacy, with specific focus on English and Swahili. We will start off with existing applications, which have been done by others. All we need to do is domesticate to our context and then gradually develop our own.

We hope to work with University students to develop localized applications for our rural kids.

Maybe you have ideas on how to develop or customize real applications that kids can use to enhance their learning. We will be more than happy learn from you as we share our experiences.

Thanks and hope for the best.

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Why I got into this…

I single handedly began this humble school in the year 2007 using my savings after college. I had acquired some education, and could figure out how to proceed there after with a career. My dad had figured that I needed good education and did what he could to make that dream happen.
Back to my rural community, I see kids struggling to get some education. Many can barely raise money to buy a text book leave alone fix their shoe. Most parents are peasant farmers who struggle to make ends meet. But they are determined to educate their children… their future!
What strikes, is that these kids, with no electricity, hardly any books, walking home every day have to compete with other kids who are driven home from school, have access to a well filled library and access computers at home. They do the same examination and compete for the same position and school in high school.
4 years down the line, the school has over 250 kids, its self sustaining and growing.
My next concern is… with my technology skills, how can I bring the wealth of information and knowledge to these kids at their class room. Can a low cost computer or mobile phone make the difference?
They have no electricity… can solar on wind power work?
I am exploring these… and strongly believe that I will have an answer soon.

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